Friday, 17 July 2009

Siobahn Valentine

Siobahn is a student and friend of Ashleys, she comes from posh part of Surrey and works in admin part time. Ashley and Siobahn met modelling and have also worked with Brandy Brewer, Katie Green, Kylie Nicol, Ashlea Louise, Amylu, Lucyanne Brooks and several other published girls.
Siobahns wish is to be published in Uk lads mags such as Nuts Zoo Loaded etc....

Ashley Emma

Anyone know Ashley Emma, she is from Chelmsford in Essex and went to a posh girls school before leaving just over a year ago. Now 19 Ashleys dream of being a glamour model has been partly achieved as she has appeared in Nuts, Zoo, Daily Sport and several other publications as well as on website

Ashley has modelled with Siobahn Valentine, Kylie Nicol, Brandy Brewer and Katie Green to name a few.

Ash says shes never been ashamed of her body and and thinks all good looking girls should follow her example.